Campus Safety

AU in an effort to create a safer campus, and with the coordination of the AED Committee, has installed three Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machines on campus.

This measure would elevate our preparedness level in dealing with medical emergencies on campus and increase the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims. Our medical staff is certified to apply CPR and use AEDs professionally. Ajman university is keen to ensure a sustainable initiative through its AED Committee.

Two of these AEDs are located in the clinics of J1 and J2, and the third is in the main entrance of Sheikh Zayed Center.

To know the locations of these AEDs on AU campus, please follow the sign  on the distributed maps next to elevators, and call the dedicated toll-free number only for Medical Emergency:5333*

(on weekdays from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm).

*Dial 06 705 before the number if calling from mobile 

In case of suspected sudden cardiac (heart) death:

  • Check responsiveness of the victim
  • If no response, call 5333 and tell them the case and your exact location.
  • If you know how to perform CPR do it until the AED arrives
  • Stay with the victim, do NOT change your location!