Student Clubs

Under the aegis of the Student Affairs, this unit organizes many activities that span across a wide range of interests, covering social issues, culture, art, and sport. It also acts as the central support for the numerous student societies. This Unit provides and organizes the following social, cultural, art and sports activities:

Social Activities

These activities aim at widening and promoting the social aspects of the students’ personality, thus activating and developing their role in building society and its social institutions. These activities also aim at training students in a group and voluntary work. Moreover, there are several other social services and activities offered by the social division throughout the academic year such as:

  • Receiving new students and their parents and guiding them through the initial stages of settling in.
  • Organizing and supervising meetings at which students are able to get to know each other, thus breaking down the psychological barriers between senior and new students and familiarizing them with the university setting.
  • Promoting social awareness amongst students through community services like visiting orphanages, old people homes etc.
  • Organizing activities during the holy month of Ramadan, which include Iftar, religious lectures, competitions, financial donations and other charitable deeds. Competitions in the recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran are also arranged to mark the holy month.
  • Arranging social and educational activities, for example, visits to cultural landmarks, scientific exhibitions, entertainment centers, exchanging visits with scientific, teaching and social institutions
  • Cooperating with UAE institutions and authorities in health-awareness campaigns on subjects such as illegal drugs and smoking.
  • Organizing blood donation campaigns in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, and taking part in campaigns and celebrations organized by formal authorities, such as the Civil Defense and Traffic Week Festivals
  • Running training courses, such as first-aid and personality development
  • Supporting social activities that aim to develop students’ personalities and consolidate their relationship with local values and morals

Cultural Activities

The Student Affairs organizes a series of intellectual and cultural activities throughout the academic year. These activities aim at stimulating and enriching both intellectual and cultural aspects of students’ personalities. They also contribute positively to building a solid intellectual and cultural background and help students distinguish between constructive and destructive thinking during their campus life.

Cultural activities organized by this division include the following:

  • Organizing intellectual and cultural lectures and conferences featuring experts from within and outside the university.
  • Running cultural, intellectual, literary and scientific competitions and awarding prizes and certificates for distinguished projects such as short stories, literary articles, and poetry competitions, with the aim of promoting student creativity.
  • Organizing poetry readings, seminars, discussion forums and exhibitions of student work.
  • Participating in cultural, intellectual and scientific competitions organized by educational, literary and scientific institutions in the UAE.


Promote the aesthetic and artistic aspects of students personality, seeking to further develop these. Throughout the year this division arranges participation in the following activities:

  • Presentation of student work, such as drawings, sculpture, calligraphy, art, zincography and photography on campus and venues across UAE.
  • Art competitions among talented students in a variety of fields.
  • Art competitions held in the UAE.
  • Dedicated walls across the University feature students’ written and artistic work is regularly.

Sport Activities

Sports play an important role in promoting the physical and intellectual development of students.

Sport enables participants to build their physical wellbeing through exercise and is an important element in the development of personal and psychological balance. As an important part of the strategy and vision of AU, the university has a wide range of sporting facilities. These include playing fields for football, handball, basketball and volleyball. In addition, the gymnasium is equipped with a variety of sports and there are further facilities for chess, billiards, tennis, etc.

The division also organizes sporting events and participates in many indoor and outdoor athletic championships, such as:

  • Inter-college teams
  • Forming university sports teams and organizing regular training sessions
  • Participating with universities and colleges from across the UAE in championships and sporting competitions organized by the Higher Education Sports Federation
  • Promoting health and fitness through body fitness programs and courses in track and field sports, games, and swimming
  • Ensuring that the university sports facilities and equipment are well-maintained.
  • Ensuring those safety standards are always upheld.