Merit Students Surprised by Chancellor

Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017

Ajman University keeping its tradition of encouraging excellence and merit organized a meeting for the academically distinguished students. Dr. Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor warmly welcomed the students and their respective deans and made a surprise announcement in the meeting.

Chancellor Seghir, declared, “We would like to honor your hard-work and dedication by offering all of you a 50% scholarship throughout your educational tenure at AU, provided you maintain a minimum AGPA of 3.6”

The announcement brought joy to the students, who shared their feelings and confirmed that their choice to join AU was the commitment to excellence and high reputation of their programs.

The scholarship is given to 23 students out of which 20 have academically excelled in their high schools and achieved more than 99% marks, whereas the other 3 have had an exceptional extra-curricular activity record in science, innovation and other aspects.

Chancellor Seghir explained, “The best investment is the one made in students and education. This scholarship is a motivating factor for you all to achieve higher ranks in your academic and professional life ahead. I encourage you to take part in the extra curriculum activities, at AU we believe in a comprehensive and well-rounded experience, academic is an important part of it, yet research, activities and hobbies enrich your educational journey”.