Ajman University signs MoU with Ajman Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation

Monday, Sep 25, 2017

Ajman University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation in the Emirates of Ajman. This comes within the framework of AU strategic vision of forging partnerships with institutions to serve the interest of students and benefit them from the knowledge and expertise available in the practical workplace.

Dr. Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor signed the MoU along with Mr. Yafeeh Eid Al Faraj, Director General of the Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation in Ajman. Chancellor Seghir stressed that AU is keen to strengthen its ties with the community and the Institutions in the emirates of Ajman for the mutual benefit of the organizations and students.

Au seeks to be an active partner in the progress of the Emirates and the UAE therefore the cadre of students get a hands on approach to training by internships on sites, learning from the experts and their vast experiences.

Chancellor Seghir pointed out that cooperation with the Department of land and real estate regulation also includes the areas of community service, volunteer work and field training, as well as joint workshops, conferences and conferences.

Mr. Eid Al Faraj, Director General, said that this memorandum will effectively contribute to the achievement of the strategic vision of the department’s and effectively influence the institutional performance.

Young Faraj confirmed that the Department of land and real estate organization pays great attention to attracting young talent and continuously trained all students who wish to gain practical experience before commencing their career.