General FAQs

What is the Network User Name for the student?

By default, the Network student User Name is the student ID

How does the student request his/her Network Account information (User Name and Password)?

All the Login Accounts will be created for the freshmen students after the Drop and Add period, and then submitted in a closed envelop. This letter called (Student Identification Letter. See page 46), and then the student can collect it from the college’s Lab Supervisor.

Should the student request the Network Account and password at the beginning of each semester?

No, the Login Account remains the same until the student graduates and the password also remains the same unless the student resets it.

What should the student do if he/she forgets the password?

The student should pay AED 15 in order to reset the password for any of the above mentioned Login Accounts.

The procedure for resetting the password is:

  • Pay AED 15 at the finance office
  • Submit to the I.T. department the following:
    1. The Finance receipt
    2. The Student ID card

For any inquiries concerning any of the above-mentioned services, please call the helpdesk on 06-7056-500 or send an email to