Email Service

I. Accessing AUST email off-campus 

Webmail Access (click here)

You may access your email while you are outside AUST using MS Outlook, or through your mobile phone.

Accessing emails off-campus using a mobile phone:

Accessing the email on mobiles phones requires the following:

  • A mobile with Exchange Software (Mobile for Exchange should be installed)
  • Internet data package from the Internet Service Provider

Company (Etisalat or du) or any wireless connection providing Internet access.

Required configuration for Mobile:

  • User Name:
  • Password:
  • Domain: AUST
  • Server:

Please note that the IT support team may not have expertise in configuring all kind of mobiles, though we will do our best to assist you. 

Accessing email off-campus using MS Outlook:

You may access your email on MS Outlook by enabling an RPC over HTTP. This protocol allows full Outlook 2007 clients to connect to Exchange 2010 servers.