Suspension & Right to Withdraw Registration

Suspension of admitted students

A request to suspend studies in the first semester may be accepted after approval of the college and after presenting a reasonable excuse which justifies the student’s inability to attend his/her courses in that semester.

Suspension of Registration

Suspension of study is allowed only if a student has completed his/her first semester. The total number of semesters that can be suspended is four. However, suspension for more than two consecutive semesters is not allowed. In all cases, the Deanship of Admission and Registration should be notified in writing.

Right to Withdraw Registration

The university reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission if the applicant fails to satisfy all requirements, or if it is found that admission was obtained through the use of incomplete, falsified, altered or embellished information. In the case of withdrawal of registration from a matriculated student, credit earned at AUST will be withheld and no transcript will be issued to the student.