Documents Required for Admission

  • Application form, which may be obtained from Office of Admission and Registration, to be filled in by the applicant
  • UAE Secondary School Certificate, or its equivalent, and grade transcript. Certified copies are acceptable
  • Photocopy of valid passport
  • Photocopy of UAE national ID
  • Health certificate, issued by a university doctor
  • Certificate of good conduct, issued by an official body
  • Six passport size photographs
  • A written commitment signed by the applicant that he/she must obey the university rules and regulations
  • If available, a certificate of proficiency in the English language, e.g. TOEFL with the minimum score of 500, or IELTS with a score of at least 5.

Applications will be processed by the Admission and Registration office only after the payment of application and registration fees of AED 1,300, these fees are not refundable.

Certification of Documents

Newly-admitted students are requested to have their documents certified before the end of the first semester of study, otherwise, heir registration will be canceled.

  • High-school certificates obtained in the UAE must be certified by the UAE Ministry of Education.
  • High-school certificates obtained abroad must be certified by the Ministry of Education, and by either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin and the UAE embassy in that country, or by the embassy of the country which issued the certificate, and by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Medical Checkup

As part of the registration requirements of Ajman University, a student medical checkup is mandatory.

Please, follow the steps:

  1. The Medical checkup form is available within the students file provided by the Admission & Registration Office.
  2. The medical form should have the student’s registration file number of the applicant.
  3. This form should be taken by the student to Amina Hospital Ajman (After getting an appointment) to be filled in by the doctor there.              ( Please, follow the location Map)
  4. Once the medical test done the stamped medical report from the hospital needs approval from Ajman University medical office before submitting it back to the registration office.
  5. Students residing outside the Emirate of Ajman can hold this medical form to the nearest ministry of health facility of their place (Preventive Medicine, School Health…) to get this medical test done at their convenience, or in Amina Hospital Ajman (After getting appointment).
  6. They are required to bring the filled form back to Ajman University medical office for approval before submitting it back to the registration office.
  7. Students residing outside UAE are required to get their medical test done in any Preventive Medicine facility across UAE or in Amina Hospital Ajman  (Location Map, contact numbers enclosed)
  8. No medical test performed outside UAE will be accepted/approved by Ajman university “Medical or Registration” offices.
  9. The approved Medical Test is kept within the student’s medical file in AU medical clinics and in the Admissions & registration office.

Required Documents for medical test:                                                

  • Student Medical Form             
  • 01 passport size photo        
  • UAE ID card / Student Passport 

For booking, please call:  00 971 56 808 3192 / 00 971 54 444 9426


Amina Hospital,

Al Quds Street, Ajman – UAE

Tel: 00 971 6 711 4444

Location Map :   GPS  25.403864, 55.441349