Main Functions of the QAIRU

  • Monitor the performance of the University academic programs, support units and administrative departments to ensure the achievement of the set goals, objectives and outcomes.
  • Coordinate the conduction of assessment and feedback surveys.
  • Develop, implement and coordinate comprehensive plans for educational outcomes assessment.
  • Work with academic departments to develop and implement student learning assessment plans.
  • Create and maintain a database of institutional information.
  • Coordinate reporting to the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA), and serve as a liaison thereof.
  • Track student persistence, completions, and attrition trends.
  • Provide institutional research support for the University management.
  • Ensure that assessment results are used in subsequent planning activities.
  • Perform other duties such as providing data to management and colleges.

Institutional Research Role

The Unit:

  • Provides analytical and technical support to AUST administration to support strategic planning and data-based decision making;
  • Produces the University Fact book, which is available for use by all members of the University community.
  • Creates and maintains databases for reporting student enrolment, academic performance, retention, attrition, and graduation rates.

Effectiveness of Academic Programs Role:

The Unit is responsible for:

  • Predicting academic success and ensure adequate support services for students;
  • Assessing the achievement of learning outcomes of all academic programs.
  • Assessing the achievement of the objectives of support and administrative unit.
  • Evaluating student overall satisfaction with their academic programs and administrative and support services provided to them. 
  • Assessing alumni/graduate satisfactions with the education received at the University.
  • Using assessment results to improve the teaching and learning environment.