Continuing Education Center

The Continuing Education Center (CEC) was founded in response to the market’s mounting need for excellence. We specialize in preparing both men and women for rewarding careers in various businesses and environments. We are well aware that students come to CEC with a variety of academic experiences and backgrounds; hence, every effort is made by the administration and staff to integrate these experiences with the requirements of the work requisite.

The long-term growth and success of our Center relies heavily on its aptitude to attract and retain qualified and keen staff and to maintain being a zenith in what it does best: continuing education.

CEC also prepares students to work effectively by developing essential competencies in a reflective, learner-centered teaching milieu. This method is implemented through an academic curriculum that incorporates field-based practice, reflection and application.

  • Courses offered TOEFL Courses TOEIC Courses ICDL Courses CCNA Courses
  • Business English Courses English Level I Courses English Level II Courses Management Courses
  • IT Courses
  • Web Designing Courses Clerical Courses Graphics Courses
  • Soft Skills Courses (Customer Service, Leadership, Business Etiquette, Communication Skills, Sales)

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