Mission and Objectives


AUST offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs that satisfy the needs of students and employers in relation to the knowledge-based economy through the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The University is committed to producing globally competitive graduates who are equipped with the highest sense of professionalism and social responsibility by continually enhancing the quality of its core functions: teaching, research, training, expertise and practice, all exercised in an innovative environment. 


  • Enable graduates to achieve high-level professional objectives and assume leadership roles by acquiring up-to-date knowledge and advanced skills.
  • Offer a broad range of degree programs relevant to the needs of the UAE and GCC countries.
  • Enable students to develop critical thinking skills, and impart to them the values of lifelong learning.
  • Improve AUST research activity by establishing research groups, and increase research funding. 
  • Broaden the number of offered Graduate programs and establish Doctoral programs. 
  • Retain outstanding Faculty and Staff. 
  • Re-enforce the current framework for quality enhancement involving both internal and external assessments. 
  • Promote important aspects of professional life, such as ethical behavior, responsibility, community engagement, and ideals.